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January 26, 2016Uncategorized Standard

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Hell, I am Amy Feyer, a stay at home mom with a travel bug (not the kind you get in Mexico). My life goal is to create a family atmopsphere that is fun, grateful and teaches one that my girls to seize the moment and wander into new experiences!

For us, it is all about making family memories… Sometimes with the girls and sometimes without, sometimes its planned 6 months in advance and sometimes we leave on the same day we have the crazy  idea!

It all started with my husbands work schedule… He worked SO much and I  started to figure out that the only way to have him with us was to travel… So that is what we started doing! Now my secret is revealed to my husband… Sorry, It was all a scam!

On a whim, I have come up with the idea (not all that original) to start blogging about our adventures…Why not?? We love to travel, we have an amazing time  (with a few bumps in the road, naturally) and I want to document it! I often get asked travel advice and love to share and mist of my planning comes from personal recommendations from others.

Our travel style is what we call “best bang for the buck”… We like nice things! My dad (A farmer with a huge heart and a great sense of humor) calls this “Champagne taste, beer wallet”. Well, challenge accepted!!

We like to find opportunities where we can… Example…If a business trip takes you somewhere, make the best of it! Did you say there is a business trip to Vegas?? Well then we can fly to California and drive back to Vegas…  Sounds fun to me!

We have some favorites for sure and return regularly but we also like to find new places!

We rarely say no to new adventures…. It’s just more fun to say yes!

“Life is a helluva lot more fun if you say yes rather than no.” ~Richard Branson

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