Dominican Republic: Planned on a Whim

Some trip are planned months in advance and some are spur of the moment… Last week we were sitting in snow and ice, complaining about how much we needed saltwater and sun and the next week we booked a last minute vacation to Punta Cana!

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After a little wine and a text convo with some of our friends, we got planning! The best part was how quick we could go…. We knew we had to book it quick or it wouldn’t happen. With 5 kids and the husbands crazy jobs, these alignments RARELY happen!!!

Initially, we were wanted a long weekend in South Florida and a fruity cocktail. HAVE YOU LOOKED AT HOW MUCH THOSE ROOMS GO FOR IN FEBRUARY???? $700 for a Marriott and not even the good room!

Then we thought Puerto Rico… Unless I am missing something, the low key luxury resorts aren’t there either… It’s mostly large, convention type casinos. Not my thing! Well, there is one I am interested in, the St. Regis, but it was $1000 a night just for the base room, ballers can have at it, there will never be a day that I pay that for hotel!

When my husband and I vacation, we like to CHILL!! Lay on a beach, have some calorie laden cocktails, eat, nap, rinse, repeat.

Years ago, we stumbled upon Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita… And I truly mean stumbled. We were in Mexico at Secrets Maroma (Yes, I know it has rave reviews on TripAdvisor and it does have great service and a very pretty beach) and I wasn’t feeling it. I don’t know if it was the water aerobics, the massive amounts of concrete or the fact that I was 11 weeks pregnant. I just wasn’t into it. the second night of 6, they offered us a stay at a property just up the beach. We went to the business center, googled it and were sold… We headed out!

It was love at first sight… This place was incredible! Small,  attention to detail, luxurios and relaxed all at the same time. It was also pretty impressive to see all of the pictures of the owner with fabulous celebrities like Versace and Ricky Martin and others who had all been guest at the resort.

So, all that being said, we have been back to Paraiso de la Bonita 5 times and decided it was time for a change!

Not venturing too far off the small/all-inclusive resort track, we decided, if Miami was going to be thousands (and I don’t even like Miami after being robbed on the beach while laying out in front of the Loew’s South Beach).  Why not try Dominican? Zoetry has a resort there and it looks incredible!

So here we are 11 days before our trip booking on www.CheapCaribbean .com because they were the only people with availability.

I feel like I have broken EVERY travel rule I have ever made…

  • Always fly Delta (or just NEVER fly American Airlines, I’m still upset about a particularly crappy flight to Vegas)
  • NEVER book through Third Party sites (you always are the first to get the boot in my experience and ALWAYS sit by the bathrooms on the plane)
  • And why on earth would you book a 5 Star vacation on something that calls itself cheap?!?
If this trip comes off without a major disaster, I will change my tune because it was a great deal for this caliber of resort! So far, this third party has been super helpful with customer service!

This reminds me… I need to go look and see if I can pick my seats on the plane before I am sitting by the bathrooms!!

In the mean, time check it out http://www.zoetryresorts.com/agua/



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